Greg Lief above Henline Falls, Opal Creek Wilderness
Greg Lief above Henline Falls (photo by Rory Nichols)
Shortly after moving from the East Coast to Oregon in 1988, Greg Lief began to discover the amazing natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. At first he carried a point-and-shoot camera, but he quickly became frustrated with photos that never quite matched what he saw in nature.

In 2000 he switched to an SLR camera. Armed with his trusty tripod, he began to experiment with slow shutter speeds and increased depth-of-field. He learned the importance of light and found ways to work with, rather than against, the sun. He also started to put considerably more time and thought into composing his photographs rather than immediately pushing the button, and that in turn greatly heightened his enjoyment of the outdoors by letting him see the natural world with new eyes.

Greg`s photographs have been published by Friends of the Columbia Gorge, Living Earth, and Oregon Wild. His photographs have also appeared in the books Capture Lane County, The Spirit of Corvallis, and Western National Parks' Lodges Cookbook.

Greg`s interest in photography has sharpened his environmental ethic, ranging from picking up litter and trail maintenance to his involvement with regional and national conservation groups. Groups that Greg supports on a regular basis include Bark, Cascadia Wildlands Project, Friends of the Columbia Gorge, Nature Conservancy, and Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center, and Oregon Wild. Through his photography, Greg seeks to share his natural discoveries with others, as well as preserve our often-endangered natural legacy.

Greg`s photographic treks have sometimes been harrowing. His tenacity regularly finds him perched on dangerously exposed ledges and outcrops in search of the perfect vantage point, often resulting in bruises, scrapes, and the occasional cracked rib. When attempting to reach a good vantage point of a little-known waterfall along Multnomah Creek, he was nearly swept into the creek a few yards above a major waterfall. On a scouting trip in an unexplored area of Mount Hood Wilderness, he watched his entire camera pack disappear over a sheer cliff during an especially steep scramble. While photographing a forgotten waterfall below Timberline Lodge, he stumbled upon an underground nest of yellowjackets, who stung him more than a dozen times.

Greg`s most treasured photo treks are when his young daughter accompanies him and shares in his experiences. These trips affirm his commitment to preserving our natural legacy for future generations.


  • Annzpanz Building, Hood River, Oregon (permanent)
  • Bark-Out, Portland, Oregon (permanent)
  • First Alternative Co-Op, Corvallis, Oregon (2004)
  • Grand Central, Portland, Oregon (November 2008 - February 2009)
  • ReMax, Corvallis, Oregon (2005)

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Greg Lief at South Sister, Three Sisters Wilderness
Greg Lief at South Sister (photo by Rory Nichols)


Greg Lief at White Branch Creek
Greg Lief at White Branch Creek (photo by Cheryl Hill)


Greg Lief at Oregon Coast near Hug Point
Greg Lief at Oregon Coast (photo by Cheryl Hill)


Greg Lief at Wahclella Falls, Columbia River Gorge
Greg Lief at Wahclella Falls (photo by Cheryl Hill)


Greg Lief at McCord Creek, Columbia River Gorge
Greg Lief at McCord Creek (photo by Cheryl Hill)

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